All of our invoices are payable upon receipt and are due within two (2) business days from the issue date reflected on all invoices, pro forma invoices, and balance invoices, unless otherwise noted or instructed. Failure to render payment in a timely manner will result in an immediate ceasing of work. A resumption of work will begin upon receipt of the outstanding payment. In the event of any delays such as permits, design changes, or outstanding payments, Luca Casa will not be held responsible for the loss of any contractors or sub-contractors and/or their refusal to return to the Project. Luca Casa does not release any of its own vendor, manufacturer, factory, or broker documents, receipts, and invoices to clients as these documents hold proprietary and confidential account information.

After full completion of the entire design and procurement process, where all item selections are finalized and received at our warehouse from an approved, signed-off Budget & Spend Approval Form, one final Luca Casa invoice for all purchases, broken down by room or area, will be provided by Luca Casa upon request of Client. Luca Casa will only provide one final Luca Casa invoice document at the project's completion stage, reflecting a per room subtotal cost summary due to our per room or per area package pricing structure, only after a project is determined to be completed by Luca Casa and prior to the scheduling of our delivery or interior design installation. Throughout any interior design project, Luca Casa may continue to periodically issue Merchandise Order Summary Forms, Budget & Spend Approval Forms, and Phase Deposit or Phase Installment payment requests as pertaining to any applicable item(s) processing or ordering within its design and procurement process. Any remaining payment due towards an invoice or a final balance invoice must be rendered and received by Luca Casa's bank prior to our interior design installation of any furniture, decorative item, fixtures, or any article or item pertaining to the project.

Any amounts owed by you to us that are not paid when due are subject to an interest charge computed at a monthly rate equal to ten (10%) percent (or the highest percentage rate permitted by law, if lower). In addition, we may suspend our services to you and/or withhold any item of Merchandise until payment has been made in full. You will be liable for all costs (including reasonable attorneys’ fees and related costs) incurred by using the collection of any amounts due to us by you. By paying any proposal or invoice, you are accepting our services and agreeing that such payment is non-cancellable and non-refundable. Please note that all Designer compensation, including but not limited to our Design Fee, Purchasing Fee, Project Administration Fee and Hourly Rates, and all Reimbursable Expenses are subject to applicable state and local sales and excise tax (and similar taxes) and you agree to pay these fees and taxes.

During or after any part of Luca Casa’s ordering or procurement process, if a client chooses to request to order any add on items or to order any additional items that are not part of a final cost summary or final cost summary form, this request will only be honored and granted if the client’s account is first current and paid in full for all design services, merchandise, delivery and installation services, and all project-related costs. Luca Casa will then proceed with ordering any requested add on items outside of what’s reflected on a final cost summary form only after a client’s account is paid in full and brought current with a zero-balance owed to Luca Casa. Once a client’s account is current and paid in full where a zero balance is confirmed by Luca Casa, a new invoice will then be provided to the client where payment in full towards any newly total invoiced amount will be required in full, in order to formally process and procure any new add on items or to obtain any new services. If a client makes any additional payment or payments towards their account, any and all payments issued to Luca Casa will be applied immediately towards the client’s account balance in order to satisfy any remaining amount or balance due towards the client’s account or final bill with Luca Casa. These payments are non-cancellable and non-refundable.

End of Terms