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Within the very own fabric of our lives exists the desire to express ourselves.

Dexterous designer Luca passionately shares expressionism through his collection of art, home décor, interior design, audio compilations, website and brand development.

Fresh to the scene, Luca Casa captures Luca’s individual interpretation and celebration for contemporary and modern design. Fusing together bold subjects, refined gestures, and clever notions, his interiors deliver the apex of modern design. Boldly unconventional, Luca offers up the zany vibe of his interior design projects. With each design endeavor devised, Luca hopes you will reach a sense of your own discovery while in exploration of his art and design. Luca is a graduate of the Art Institutes, where he studied interior design and obtained a Bachelor of Science Degree in Interior Design.

His zeal for design ignites his love to bring you his most prized possession: his art, home décor, and interior design.


The term luxury, throughout history, is the notion of obtaining or experiencing something that is expensive and indulgent. In the past, luxury was bespoke design reserved only for the highest realms of the aristocracy.

This changed after a paradigm shift during the roaring 1920s. Brands such as Louis Vuitton, Hermès, Prada, and Chanel began to proliferate their goods across all classes of society. These newly attainable goods of exceptional design emotionally enraptured those who strive to elevate above the status quo. A new wave of luxury was ushered in.

In today’s modern era, luxury is once again being redefined by Luca Casa.

Shortly after its conception nearly a decade ago, Luca Casa was humbly placed at the pinnacle of contemporary interior design in one of the most desirable and vivacious cities in the world—Manhattan, New York. This foray into east coast high-rise luxury interiors resulted in resounding exposure. Luca’s first major residential design was located at the prodigious Fifteen Central Park West residences—the world’s most powerful address. This and subsequent projects were orchestrated for the most elite group of people in the world and provided Luca a flawless foundation to shape several of the utmost extravagant living experiences at Fifteen Central Park West, The Centurion, The Walker Tower—a fifty-million-dollar penthouse, and other desirable luxury properties and estates.

After many years of designing for hundreds of discerning clients across the United States, Luca has carefully curated an astounding knowledge base of the most exotic collections. The Luca Casa team is ready to make the most desirable and stylish luxury interior designs attainable for all clients. Untouched by seasonal trends, every interior composition created by Luca Casa delivers the most multifaceted experience to dwell in.

Our design studio will curate the perfect collection of bespoke furnishings and fine art or will foster a custom look of opulence. This interior design transformation will exude unparalleled elegance and innermost desire.


Luxurious interior design and lifestyle exists like never before through the vision of Luca Casa.

Our design philosophy pulls from a global infusion of inspiration, thought, and design. Boasting a multifaceted background in design and art, we offer a true luxury interior design service where our technique derives from our foundation of poise, balance, and refinement.

With a focus on stylizing handsome interiors—and the lifestyles from within, we keep you current with a sophisticated residence, dashing attitude, and a redefined lifestyle. We believe in attainable luxury, both aesthetically and functionally beautiful, where it is our commitment to introduce fresh and attractive elements to your space in the most unique fashion.

As you find yourself on the quest for a polished depiction of your most essential asset—your home, the Luca Casa studio is exhilarated to join you on every exciting endeavor that leads you directly towards living ultimately in sophisticated luxury.