METHOd & Approach

Our streamlined handling of each design process leaves every client with an effortlessly rendered end result.

When a project commences, psychology and environment forge together as a major moving component that pioneers the direction, timeline, and overall outcome of our design work. 

The secondary processes of color theory and form language set the tone of the design and come to life in our floor plans, renderings, and ultimately in the polished execution of each tasteful design. Read below to discover more about each process involved in our work.


An environment dramatically affects the behavior of its unique inhabitants. Through our practice of interior design psychology, our studio enhances the performance and efficiency of a space while ensuring the wellbeing of the client is improved. 

By implementing a system of standards to govern spatial arrangement and orientation, favorable effects take place in a balanced flow of energy and dynamism. The result of infusing psychology into our design is an atmospheric and harmonious merge of setting, conduct and synergy.


Design is much more than an interior, a moment of art, or a statement of aesthetic; design is a language. With seventy-two languages on Earth, design is the seventy-third. A graceful baroque style chair fit for a king tells a far different story than a mid-century classic lounge chair. 

Different forms muster together idiosyncratic meaning and alternative discourse. Form language is the underlying beauty that emphasizes unity amongst various styles and periods of exquisite design.


Every color invokes an emotional response. Hue, contrast, and tone alters our personal connection or disconnection to each specific shade. The clearest blue will introduce calm whereas a powerful red evokes hunger or action. With color posing as the most significant component of interior and architectural design, it is no wonder color theory produces the most significant impact when our own eyes set sight.


All planned out: The way you move through a space is just as critical as to how good- looking the interior appears aesthetically. When skillful space planning is juxtaposed with avant-garde design, an interior’s state of mind is instantly elevated. During the initial phase of design planning, the Luca Casa studio codes strong conceptual layouts to each area of every project. From these spatial compositions, three-dimensional furnishings and decor are drawn and placed into plan.


Lustrous crushed velvet radiates across a settee while a high gloss ebony wood trim finish captures the silhouette of a gracious accent chair. Shadows have an affair with a two-dimensional plane to fabricate depth and a realistic perspective. Embedded in the details are handsome attributes that effortlessly allow for a high-end illustration to become truly photogenic. 

Luca Casa’s media team is committed to producing elegant results with each rendering or drawing we compose. In addition to fabricating 3D renderings, the Luca Casa design studio also offers elevation drawings, reflected ceiling plans and architectural floor plans. Such drawings contribute to the shared communication between our studio and clients throughout the design process.

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